Walt Medicis Dance Studio in Syracuse, New York
Walt Medicis Dance Studio

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Walt Medicis Dance Studio in Syracuse, New York
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The Waltz

Name of Dance:Waltz
Origin: The waltz has the longest history of all of today’s ballroom dances. It was the first European dance in which members of the opposite sex danced together with each other. Catherine de Medicis, Queen of France, was the one who is responsible for the waltz we do today. Early use of the waltz in America was at elegant social balls and cotillions. The basic waltz step can be found in the dances of almost every nation.
Count:Quick Quick Quick
Styling Notes: The waltz is a smooth dance with a floating quality that weaves on every pattern of swinging and turning movement. Think of a rise and fall -- the highest on the third beat and the lowest between the first and second beats. There are three beats to each measure of waltz music, with an accent on the first beat. The three beats of waltz time are very even, with each beat receiving the same amount of time.