Walt Medicis Dance Studio in Syracuse, New York
Walt Medicis Dance Studio

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Walt Medicis Dance Studio in Syracuse, New York
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The Tango

Name of Dance:Tango
Origin: Rudolph Valentino was given credit for popularizing the tango. The tango as we know it today probably originated in Argentina and has been in existence for some eighty years. For a period, it had been looked upon as something suggestive and immoral. Today, we appreciate the tango for what it actually is -- a graceful, rhythmic expression.
Count:Slow Slow Quick Quick Slow
Styling Notes: Tango style is smooth, but the movement is deliberate with a slinky, slithering quality. Since a long reaching slide is used, the feet should pass each other close together. The knees are always slightly flexed (with the exception of the free knee fans and cortes). Dancers carry themselves tall and avoid unnecessary upper-torso movement. The woman is held closely so she can readily follow sudden changes of direction and position with a body lead.