Walt Medicis Dance Studio in Syracuse, New York
Walt Medicis Dance Studio

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Walt Medicis Dance Studio in Syracuse, New York
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The Swing

Name of Dance:Swing
Origin: Swing dates back to 1927 when Charles Lindbergh made his trans-Atlantic ocean flight from New York to Paris. Swing music descended from jazz music, and its style varies from country to country. It is a livelier version of the familiar fox-trot rhythm. Swing's bouncy dance steps have also been known as the jitterbug, jive, boogie, rock and roll, and lindy. Collectively they are known as swing.
Count: Single Lindy: Slow Slow Quick Quick
Triple Lindy: Quick & Quick, Quick & Quick, Quick Quick
Styling Notes: Swing steps should be small and under the body as a narrow moving base. The body should be free from tension but not sagging. This must be reflected by a firm body and resistance in the arm and hand which will respond to a lead of the manís hand in any direction. The lindy step is small and is performed in one spot. Dancers do not move around the floor, but they usually turn around each other.