Walt Medicis Dance Studio in Syracuse, New York
Walt Medicis Dance Studio

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Walt Medicis Dance Studio in Syracuse, New York
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The Salsa

Name of Dance:Salsa
Origin: Salsa dance movements originate from the dances popular in Cuba during the 1940s with strong influence from Afro-Caribbean folkloric dancing. Today there are many styles of salsa due to geographical dispersion and cultural syncretism. The most well-known variations are those attributing their styles to the locations in which they developed including Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York.
Rhythm:Quick Quick Slow or Slow Quick Quick
Styling Notes:When doing the salsa, dancers may start their steps on either the first or second beat of a measure. Salsa is typically a partner dance, although there are recognized solo forms known as “shines” as well as a form in which groups of couples exchange partners in a circle known as Casino Rueda.