Walt Medicis Dance Studio in Syracuse, New York
Walt Medicis Dance Studio

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Walt Medicis Dance Studio in Syracuse, New York
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The Rumba

Name of Dance:Rumba
Origin: The rumba is a smooth and relaxed dance of Caribbean origin. It is characterized by its romantic style and can be recognized by the tantalizing rhythm of the maracas, which carry the continuous quick beat, and the rhythm of sticks or bongos, which beat out the accented rhythm of the dance.
Count:Slow Quick Quick or Quick Quick Slow
Styling Notes: The one trait that makes the Rumba so popular is "Cuban Motion." Cuban motion is the swaying of the hips that gives the dance the romantic and sensuous look. The steps are short and flat, stepping on the inside of the feet, and rolling them as the step is being executed. Every time you take a step, one knee should bend and one straighten.